Who Wants to be a Super-Millionaire!

Regis is back at Millionaire! And this time the Jackpot has been raised to an unpresidented $10 million! Will ABC break the record with the largest Game Show prize in history twice in 5 years? Tune in to ABC when Super Millionaire returns in May to find out!!

Todd Kim

Answer: C. Get a Joke
Robert Essig

Answer: A. Machus Red Fox
Liz Simon

Answer: C. Paper Supply
Dede Bradley

Answer: C. Tinkeytoys

Dede's Response: B. Erector Set
Bengt Pederson

Answer: D. Aluminum
Bengt's Response: A. Iron, C. Sodium
Clinton Smith

Answer: C. Ladies' Home Journal
Jonathan Criswell

Answer: C. Resource Locater
Jessica McCartney
Michael Koehn

Answer: B. 4 Billion Years
Josh Zecher

Answer: D. Ronald Reuel
Steven Curtis

Answer: D. 10